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Camps and Classes through June and July

Summer Arts Programs

With options for rising K-12 graders, our 2023 Summer Arts programming will include instructional camps in visual arts, violin, musical theatre, and more.

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June 12—16

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Art-Play Studio Mindsets with Kim Wilkerson

10AM-12PM      K-2nd Grade

1-3PM                3rd-5th Grade

Think like an artist and follow your own creative vision whilst exploring drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, clay, and printmaking. Students are invited to try every medium or return to working with their favorites. Art-Play Studio Mindsets will loosely use Teaching Artistic Behaviors (TAB)—a choice-based pedagogy in visual arts education that shifts the emphasis from creating to the student. Materials are provided.

Masters & Nature Art Camp with Kat & Katie

1-4PM      K-5th Grade

Explore nature through art just like Van Gogh and Monet. Students will discover how artists have been inspired by nature and how we can use nature in art every day! Come learn how to see the world around us like the masters did.

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June 19—23

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Crafty Camp with

Kat & Katie

9AM-12PM      K-5th Grade

*This is a 4-day camp running Monday through Thursday.

Looking to try out different art forms? Crafty Camp will introduce projects sewing, printmaking, weaving, and more, giving students the opportunity to explore different media all in the form of fun crafts.

Multimedia Mix-Up Camp with Kat & Katie

1-3PM      6th-8th Grade 

*This is a 4-day camp running Monday through Thursday.
Experienced artists and beginners alike are invited to get a taste of a few different types of art. In the Multimedia Mix-Up camp students get to explore pottery, painting, photography, collage, and printmaking. Become more comfortable with different art forms and grow your skills in the art room. 

River City Strings with Danny Tate (Beginner)

10AM-12PM   3rd-12th Grade 

Learn the basics of reading music and playing melodies on the violin. No experience is needed, some instruments are available for rental.

River City Strings with Danny Tate (Advanced)

1-3PM        3rd-12th Grade 

Students will have the chance to learn and play in an ensemble setting. Must have 2+ years of experience or 1 year in River City Strings. 

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June 26—30 Camps

The World in Watercolors Camp with Gabrielle Rady

9AM-12PM       6th-8th Grade

Take a deep dive into watercolors, using the medium to develop an understanding of shape, form, space, color, and texture. Working with their imaginations, students will learn how to manipulate the medium to explore different colors and opaqueness, gaining practice in capturing the world around them. 

Theatre 101 with
Trisha Bartel

10AM-12PM     K-6th Grade 

1-3PM            6th-8th Grade 

Students will engage in all aspects of theatre. Interactive notebooks will be constructed to help students build their own toolbox of strategies that they have learned.  

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July 10—14

Drawing 101 with Gabrielle Rady

9AM-12PM  9th-12th Grade

Using pencil, charcoal, and pen, students will be guided in drawing basics like perspective, form, shape, and space, as well as how to implement motor control of a line, its flow, and weight. Students will learn how to draw from observation, practicing these techniques while creating compositions that appear three-dimensional.

Art for Everyone with John Peel

10AM-12PM  2nd-12th Grade

*This is a 4-day camp running Monday through Thursday.

In this open playground for young artists, students will be instructed on a variety of supplies and techniques and given creative freedom to explore. Students will discuss the artist process and how artists come up with ideas before receiving instruction on a variety of supplies and techniques like collage, painting, drawing, sculpture, jewelry bead making, weaving, and sewing.

Cardboard Sculpture Camp with John Peel

1PM-3PM      3rd-12th Grade

*This is a 4-day camp running Monday through Thursday.

Perfect for kids who prefer to play with the box over the present that’s inside, exercise your imagination and bring your creations to life in this 3D sculpture workshop. Students will focus on how artists develop ideas and use their imagination to build and create a variety of 3D creations, working alongside local artist educator John Peel. Learning cardboard attachment techniques, hot glue, sharp scissors, strings, sticks and anything else we can think of, expect to build projects like a marble run, a new set of body armor, or a new doll house. 

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July 17—21

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Musical Theatre Intensive with Alana Desiree Jones and Trisha Bartel

9AM-3PM       K-12th Grade

Students will learn the basics of musical theatre by combining acting, singing, and choreography. The class will culminate in a small performance for friends and family.

Intro to Theatre Tech with Trisha Bartel

3:30-5:30PM 6th-12th Grade

Students will learn aspects of backstage theatre concepts including sound, lights, prop creation, make-up, and costumes. 

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