Battle of the Bands

Regional Original Music Showcase

Come share your music and compete against other regional musicians!

One winning act will be awarded $500 and the chance to record a single

with Viking Sound Studios.  

Open to

Groups, duos, solo acts, and all genres and ages are welcome to enter.


January 28, 2023, at Arts of the Albemarle in the McGuire Theater, 8-11 PM


Submissions open on November 4 and close on December 2, 2022.

We will contact applicants on December 16 to let you know if you have been chosen to play in the live Battle of the Bands.

Full Details


To Enter, submit the following info and answers to


-A bio/creative statement that includes your general genre, who will be playing/what instrument they play, and any other special information about you and your music.

-A recent video of your group playing together that is between 2-5 minutes (this can be a smartphone video taken at home or a link to a video on Youtube or social media.* Please upload any videos to this OneDrive folder

-Would you be interested in a house rhythm section playing with you for your set? 

-Do you require any special instrumentation or tech needs? There will be amps for bass and guitar, microphones, a piano, and a basic drum kit to be used in the performance. If you want to bring your own snare or any additional pieces you require, you may.

*For video and audio work samples: please note that due to file sizes, YouTube and Vimeo links are preferred for video. Do not upload MP4s directly to the application.



From these submissions, a jury will select the acts to perform at the live Battle of the Bands at the McGuire Theater on January 28, 2023. We will announce the final lineup on December 16, 2022.


Your band/act must meet the following criteria before applying:


-Must be available all day on 1/28/23 for tech rehearsal before the event.

-Must have 30 minutes of music ready to perform (you will likely play a 15-minute set if we meet our capacity but it could be longer if fewer acts are participating).

-Your set must include original music.

-Your 30 minutes can include no more than 3 covers; this includes stylized covers and arrangements.

-Must be able to accompany yourself. This DOES allow for digital/electronic music you have written/produced yourself.

-If chosen to play in the live performance, the fee to hold your place is $30 for solo or duo acts, and $50 for groups with 3+ members. This must be paid no later than December 30 to compete and will be refunded to you after the performance.



Competing Acts - How it works:


-If enough interest is shown in having support from a house rhythm section, we will contact you in early January to arrange a rehearsal the week of the show.

-Bands will arrive for a tech rehearsal on the day of the performance, during which we’ll walk through cues, discuss the lineup, and make sure everyone has access to the proper microphones for their instrumentation, etc.

-During the event, each band will play their set (you will receive instructions on the final set time you are to play at least two weeks prior to the show) and are then free to join the audience for the rest of the event.

-A panel of four judges will be observing and marking each performance based on: Songwriting, Performance/Stage Presence, Musicianship, and Cohesiveness.

-The audience will also be voting—to be averaged and counted as a fifth judge.

-Disqualifications: if you play more than 5 minutes over/under your designated set time, you will be disqualified. Other disqualifications are at the discretion of the judges and AOA in instances of misconduct or disregard of the required criteria or rules.

-There will be a short performance from the house band or a special guest during deliberation, after which the winner will be announced and the event concluded.

-In the instance of a tie, the audience will determine the final winner.

- Each performing musician will be given one complimentary ticket.

-Participants and their friends/family will be invited to an afterparty at Pine + Porch following the event.

This event is generously sponsored by,