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WORKSHOP: Palette Knife Painting in Acrylic

Instructor: Karin Neuvirth

Date/Time: June 5th from 10 am to 4pm with an hour break at lunch.
Length: 5 hours
Location: Arts of the Albemarle,
516 E. Main St, Elizabeth City, NC
Cost: $95
Register: Email us at info@artsaoa.com
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Workshop Description: In this class you will learn all of the essentials of palette knife painting using heavy body acrylic paints. We will also cover topics such as color mixing, broken color, and the use of value in your composition. During the morning hours, we will focus on basic knife techniques and some color theory as you create a vibrant underpainting and practice mixing colors. In the afternoon, you will improve your knife techniques and turn your focus towards composition and the use of broken color as you begin to turn your underpainting into a unique impressionistic landscape or abstract floral painting. You may bring a reference photo if you would like, and I will also have several photos for you to use if you would like. 

Supply list: ● 1-2 Primed Canvas or hardboard 11” x 14” or larger ● 5 or 8 oz Heavy Body Golden Acrylic Quinacridone Crimson or Primary Magenta ● 5 or 8 oz Heavy Body Golden Acrylic Phthalo Blue (Green shade or Red shade) ● 5 or 8 oz Heavy Body Golden Acrylic Hansa Yellow Medium or Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium      ● 8 oz or larger Heavy Body Golden Acrylic Titanium White ● You can optionally bring other colors of heavy body acrylic paints, but not necessary. ● 2-3 metal palette knives in different shapes and sizes. (My favorite is the Bob Ross Palette Knife No. 5) ● Pad of Disposable Paint Mixing Palettes. ● Flat paint brush 1⁄2” - 1” wide (does Not need to be an expensive brush.) ● Painting smock